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[WTB] PowerPC Macs


Ah yes, its meme season. Except I’m actually looking for specific hardware that I might have a source for but I also might not.

Basically, if you have a powerbook, powermac, possibly and imac, and you don’t want it? PM me. I’m on a processor hunt. And because there’s limited technical documents out there on all the different kinds of hardware, I don’t know the differences between an IBM/Motorolla 7447, 7450, and 7455, let alone 7555, 7560, 7565, etc. Could be clock, could be cache. I don’t fucking know.

So basically if you have the model number (M/a and A#### + EMC) and you want to sell a machine to me, or you can find me machines, tell me.

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Give these guys a shot, they do bulk sales and might be willing to sell PowerMacs or at least their CPUs as they only get scrap value from them otherwise. They may not have any though.

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Huh thats in my city.

Do you live in grand rapids MI?



Not inside the city limits, but not too far away either.

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Aww cool maybe I can infect you with my powerpc aids.

(I’m not actually in the city either really, though I do fear being swallowed up by city people moving into my area)



I’ve already got a PowerMac, its a 2.0GHz DP model. The GPU in it wont work with graphical acceleration so I don’t really use it.



What one you got? G4 or G5? I have a pile of G5 cards here. IDK if they work in the G4’s though.

Comprenew might have something too.



G5, I currently have Debian 8 on it, but after installing the radeon firmware package it stopped booting.



Yeah I got that on a powerbook that has a fucked display to dick around with. Nnnnnnot that great.



I was looking for a couple of other cards to try, if I could get acceleration working, but there aren’t many for sale and the only one I bought ended up being a bad card. It’s fallen to the bottom on my priorities since then.

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I’'ve got a few spare machines that don’t work.



Have you looked into Tallos II workstations?

They sell computers and parts with POWER9 CPUs which is basically the modern version of the PPC CPUs you find in older Macs and Amigas.



Actually look up thempower and powerpc info and news thread. I know more than you think.

I am also more likely tomget an amiga X5000 than any raptor machine.



Any particular reason?



To get an X5000 over a raptor machine? Because I’ll be able to use it and not have a get engine in my house, plus power bill.



I don’t think they use that much more power than xeons, and you can always get the Talos II Lite, which is the cheaper single CPU version.



And the price I’d end up at is over 4000 bucks for the machine setup I would need, versus the AmigaOne X5000 where I can use normal desktop parts in it, and still have a POWER based platform.

I mean, I get it. @stenstorp uses it as masturbation material I am pretty sure, but A I couldn’t afford it and B its outside the scope I’d use it for anyways. The point of this processor hunt is for testing how different G3’s, G4’s, and possibly G5’s work against linux. Some G3’s work REALLY well and others REALLY don’t, some G4’s… Most G4’s really don’t work well at all and there aren’t really spec sheets out about each individual chip (cache amount, speeds, cache to cache bus speed), so I need to just go through them all individually like the guys at morphOS.

They don’t support certain G4’s, but the OS will still run. But because its a chip they haven’t thrashed all over the place they avoid it till they have time to do so. Granted they have a lot of PPC Macs supported, but theres still unsupported machines.

So… See what I’m getting at? Sorta?

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I have a poster of one pinned above my bed.

Slightly off topic rant

How fast do you think the X5000 is? The CPU was released in 2011, At best it’s going to be slightly faster than a G5. Even the lowest end 4 core Talos II bundle (While about $100 more) is going to be competitive with modern systems not to mention far better support. ppc64el (POWER8+) is now properly supported on loads of Linux distros, even RedHat while regular PPC64 support (POWER4-7) has been dropped already by Debian since Jessie and RedHat since RHEL 6.

Unless you absolutely NEED MorphOS support you will have a FAR better time on a more modern platform.

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Again, its for my dev project. I don’t really care about the specs.



Ask MKBHD for that G3 he just unboxed.

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