WTB Power Supply

I just order my BitFenix Prodigy, and now I need a PSU. I was looking at this (http://pcpartpicker.com/part/corsair-power-supply-rm550) but I want to see if I can save some money buying used. Must be semi/fully modular, at least 550w, 80+ Bronze or higher, and a SeaSonic, XFX, or Corsair. What do you guys have to offer?

RM550 is really nice, I have it. The flat fully modular cables make it easy to build a pc with. Although depending on what your case is, surely being modular cant be THAT important, you can save like £50 or whatever in dollars and get an XFX 550w which is a really solid high quality PSU

Just realised you said what case you have, but yeah if your clever with cable management than it still shouldn't be an issue