WTB Optical/laser mouse

I am absolutely sick and tired of my Microsoft ball mouse. When playing shooters there is no accuracy using it and Ive had enough of it. Im not trying to spend a lot of money on this though because I need a ssd more importantly. So I was hoping to get one for around 10 bucks. If you've got a decent mouse for around 10 bucks from anywhere by all means post a link to it. Im also open to anyone who has a mouse lying around that they want to sell.

I've a Razer Deathadder sitting in my desk since I replaced it with my $30 CM Storm Spawn.


I've got a wireless laser mouse, I could throw in the keyboard that goes with it.

I have a Logitech G600 if you want

how much do you want for it? 12 pack of beer? Ok seriously How much? I got this piece of crap mouse that I use now it totally sucks. 

How much?

Go to the local thrift shop and buy one for $5 ... I find tons of them there.