WTB old computers

well...i want to give a little for old computers...like a very little... but the computers will not be thrown away just given a second chance.

Got an old dell pent 4 of some kinda if your interested.

I have a mess of older p4 and celery IBM desktops and work stations, PGA and LGA775 I also have an athalon HP equivalent. Some are complete some are missing their hard drives. All of it was decommissioned for age alone and mostly used for spare parts. If you want anything in particular let me know before I begin scrapping it lol, I would give it to you for shipping cost alone.




if that offer is for anyone I'll keep you posted if I find anyone that needs one, what does the 3 slim lines in the middle got in them?

All three are single core P4s, The middle one is an older *478 socket with E-IDE the other two are LGA775 I believe with Sata. I'll check tomorrow for the exact specs, hard drives, ram, and model numbers.

Gigabuster where do you have room for all these old PCs? I have about 3-4 big P3 boxes and already feels like 'crowded house'

haha I don't have room and phantom would probably kill me if I have anymore crap, but I do build PCs for people who often don't have any or theirs are older than dirt

I'd be interested in the 775 ones, phantom would pop a blood vessel if it was any bigger than slim line lol

mmtay I was a tad off, Both machines are IBM ThinkCentre 8172-NUC and have a Celery SL7TN CPU



One has a WD 40gb sata hard drive (non original) and 1gb ram (512mb x2 I think*, one chip is unmarked)

The other has no ram, no hard drive, and no hard drive caddy

*Neither have an optical drive but one can be added without fuss*

I did a quick plug n play test on both, both powered on, posted without errors and loaded Windows XP to the login screen ( I didn't test further because I have since forgotten the login password)

Both machines were retired from service in a Dominos Pizza and do have Windows XP Pro COA stickers.

Heres some more pics:





If OP isn't interested the keyboard and monitor, I would be interested!

gah doesn't look like they support core 2 duos, thanks anyway for the info

No problem-o