[WTB] NZXT Hale90 750w-850w Power supply

It's all in the title. No place seems to have them in stock anymore and its the only power supply that comes white that I like. Shoot me an offer!

I cant find any in stock - BUT - Aerocool make a white one called Aerocool Templarius, its a 850W all white modular single rail psu, and even the fan has white lighting. I know its not what you asked for but short of painting or vinyl wrap it may be your best bet. If you can get away with 520W silverstone do a Nightjar in white - but it is fanless.


ignore the pricing - thats in AUD

The only reason i'm hesitant to buy it is because I've never heard of them before. I know I could just go buy a nice corsair power supply and paint it but I would have to take it apart and there are pieces in there that can kill you. I would really just like a Hale but they apparently aren't in production anymore.

Aerocool have been around for a long time.

Having said that - apparently (after a little digging) Andyson makes their psu's and the verdict about Andyson seems to be RUN AWAAAAAYYY!!!!!!

Aerocool has used diffrent board partners for their psu´s.
I´m not sure which particular board is used inside the imperator models,
but yeah i´m not realy a fan of them.

I did a little research too see if I could find one anywhere. And it seems that you can still buy the 1000w, 1200w and 550w variants of the hale90, but not the 850w. WTF!!