[WTB] Noctua NM-i3 mounting kit for LGA 1356

This is a far reach , its very old, and for a LGA 1356 socket… I’d like to buy a NH-U12A for my Dell Poweredge T320 but it requires this adapter I can not find anywhere… I tried about a half hour different sites but no joy.

Thought I’d reach out here. Happy to pay a premium for the $20.00 kit.

Check this list, for verifying if LGA1356, is a socket option at all

Yeah, the 1366 socket is the same and almost all the coolers I want to use require the NM-I3 kit :frowning:

1356, 1366 and 2011 all have the spacing 2011 typically has a integrated backplate with treads , but all of their spacing is 80mm

I had read that too…but had conflicting information while I was looking it up. I may try just for giggles. I’m sure the a12 cooler is way more than I need…but I like overkill. I may just try it and see what happens. I was able to adapt the MSI frozor L to fit the direction I wanted on the asrockrack x470du with noctua hardware…sure I can rig something some how. Even if it takes hardware and a Dremel tool lol