(WTB) Motherboard + CPU + RAM Combo for $20 or under (Dual core)

I would like to upgrade my work station from a Pentium 4 single core to a dual core cpu so I can upgrade to windows 7 because xp will not be supported for much longer and its been getting slower by the day, So I would like to purchase a mobo cpu ram combo deal if anyone has one to offer, for $20 or under SHIPPED. I know its not much haha but its what I have to work with and theres a few on ebay for under $20 but I figured I would check you guys out first before I buy anything!


Also if you have a LGA 775 motherboard and some ddr2 you would sell for under $15 Shipped I would do that too .

Thanks a second time!

I got some core 2 duos u can have for 20s for the shipping and what ever, I'll send some more info on them later.