WTB mid range PC parts

Making a mid range 1080p build for a friend.

motherboard: $50 budget (FM2 or 1366 socket)

video card:$80 budget (GTX 650 or 7770)

cpu:$50 budget (Althon or 920i7)

hardrive: $30 budget (200+ GB sata)

Case will be new most likely being she is touchy about the over all looks. I'll probably throw a few LEDs in for giggles. Tbh I know it's not much of a budget, but if it runs 1080p with 30fps that's fine by me. She only plays a few hours a week and its usually low level RPG.


ship in USA only in less you're paying for it.

Btw that's just a example, but I'm open minded for anything that's a good deal.


a little over for you on the gpu, but consider it. :)

Thanks for the post, but I can get a 7770 new for the same price.


long as i get 30fps all I care about.

meh. if you want 30 fps, a 7750 would do at 720p.

720p yes not 1080p.


Bump. Will take AM3, FM2, 1366, platforms, and 7770/550 GPU's or better.

Thank for you the link, but $100 + shipping isn't worth it. I can get a Asus 2GB 7770 for $120. I know the bus is lower, but the 1080p FPS will do the job.

gtx 650s are garbage get a used 560ti or 570 off ebay instead of a 650.

yep change of plans, will update thread.


I have this card up for sale, and it's within your budget. It's better than the 560 and well you'll save money. 

I have a HD 7770 I could sell if you are interested.

I have to agree with you because an the 7850 outpowers the 7770 and it's so god damn overclock-able and very reliable, love that little card but i had to move on to better and greater things :D

I have an EVGA gtx 660 SC edition ill sell for 120

I have an I5 2400 and a Stock Lenovo mATX board i would sell for $100. model is IS6XM rev 1.0

I have a 650 Boost for sale if you are interested. PM me, I can do 80$ shipped.

I have a couple 120gb ssds if you need em

I've got a 6850 for sale $60 shipped.

I have a GTX 650 Ti for $60 + shipping.