[wtb] lga 1155 cpu

I'm looking to get a deal on a LGA 1155 CPU. I have an old GTX 760 and a P67 motherboard laying around and I want to see if I can get a computer out of it. All I really need is a CPU. I even spare coolers laying around.

Preferably a Core i5. Not looking for any model in particular, just a good deal as my personal rig is also rocking a 2500k on a z77 chipset, so an upgrade is feasible, so high end CPUs are also welcomed.

Not sure if interested because you wanted some higher end stuff, but I'm selling some i3 2120s. Can have one for $40 shipped if you'd like

I have an i5 2400, but I'mm looking for a motherboard to match :/

Not necessarily. Just looking for something that could game well, and if just happened to be faster than what was in my personal, the upgrade would be a bonus. I'll message you. At $40 shipped, that is a very attractive offer.

It would be easier to get rid of motherboard. I have a MSI P67A-G40(5?). It's a midrange ATX board. I would offer it, but the issue is I can't guarantee it will 100% work. I recall having issues with the onboard Ethernet. Possibly some other issue. While it worked when I upgraded (tired of minor issues, plus wanted to downsize from $30 mid tower case) I also didn't store it properly. Also, you can't use the iGPU on P67.

Sounds good.

Yeah, it seems like a risky thing to send it across Europe only to find it doesn't fit the needs. Good luck though :)