WTB Korean 2560x1440 monitor or 21:9 29" or Larger

As the title says . I am ready to buy at a reasonable price. :D

Well what do you want...? its you'r choice but i'd go for a 21:9 panel if the pricing was decent

this is the buy'sale/trade forum. He's looking for someone to sell it to him cheap.


Also, I just bought two Xstar dp2710's off ebay. Beautiful display and removing the stand is super easy. I would definitely recommend you check out dreamseller's ebay listing as shipping will drive your price up buying second-hand.

How do i remove that damn thing? or are you just talking about the base plate? I'm dying to get that thing on a monitor arm

I've got mine on a monitor arm. You just need to take 4 screws out of the back and the rest is held together by clips. After getting the bezel off you lift the LCD and there's 2 screws and a metal plate holding the little peg will come off. Then just pop it all back together and, voila!

Nice. thanks for telling me dude :D. Now I need to get the money to buy a monitor arm and I'll have waaay more desk space.

WELL, I have been quite busy with work ... tis the reason why I have been afk, but I am looking for anything but a wasabi mago or catleap monitor. :)

I have none for sale but I can vouch for the Xstar, It is very nice I've used it for for 7 months now with not a single issue. Also I don't think you will find many 2nd hand ones.

Like ROK said the ones that are 2nd hand will cost more. My Xstar was purchased from dreamseller who ROK mentioned it cost me £180 and £5 shipping to Scotland and came within 2 weeks.

My no. 2 choice would be the Shimian although I have had no personal experience with it.
Feel free to ask any questions about the Xstar if you wish to know more about how well it performs.