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(WTB) Intel pentium extreme edition 840 SL8FK

Anyone got one of these old CPUs laying around they’d like to sell? Been searching for one of these for a # of years (15+) but can never find one from a reputable site for a reasonable price. BTW, there is ANOTHER intel p4d cpu ALSO named 840…(cuz intel…) that is much more widely available but not the one I’m looking for (labeled SL88R & SL8CM). This one is special b/c it’s a LGA 775 FSB 800 mhz dual core w/hyperthreading. I’m open to all kinds of deals (the best deals) so please don’t hesitate to respond.

Keep looking for CPU job lots on ebay, create saved searches.
This chip is an odd bin part and pops up very rarely.

That said if anyone just wants a Pentium D with HT, grab a Xeon 5060/5080 and LGA771 mod a board.

Then go wild an OC it past 5GHz like I tried

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