WTB i7/i5 sandy/ivy bridge CPU (pref i7 sandy)

Looking to buy a Sandy or Ivy Bridge i7 (pref) or an i5 for my dad’s PC. Currently he’s rocking an i3 2120 (bought from a forum member, THANKS!) The old man is looking to p/u a RX 570 now that they’ve come back to reality but his i3 will bottleneck the f out of it I’m afraid. If anyone is looking to part with theirs for a song, please respond. I’m also interested in a compatible cooling solution if you need to sell both. If nothing else, point me in the right direction for where to buy and not get ripped off or murdered. Ebay seems like the only other option but the prices have jumped for some reason and Craigslist is a ticket for murder around here.


A ticket for murder? Where you live? Lmao

How much is a song?

I have several Haswell optiplex SFF systems as well as a few ivy-bridge i5 atx desktops if your interested. Also have a opti-plex AIO i7 with 16gb ram, but has a nick in the screen. Live in south ohio if that works.