[WTB] I need parts!

Not sure if this is verboten or if there is a more appro place in the forum but here goes....

Wanted: a core2quad q6600 or better socket 775 and a single slot or BTX compatible graphix card for media center/light gaming/steaming PC. I've been trolling eBay and even bought a q6600 but had to send it back because it was doing weird things I can only describe as spooky action up close and personal. So I would like to buy from someone in the community for a fair price using PayPal, (unless you're on Long Island). Let the flame war begin!!!!!!

No flame really, But I would have a moderator mover this to the Buy Sell Trade forum.


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I have a few GPU options that could handle the load for media center use.

The first two require a 6-pin PCI-E connector, and don't have HDMI BUT are fairly powerful cards still. The last doesn't require a 6-pin and is a couple frames behind the other cards in intensive games. (You'll be turning settings down with any of them if you plan to play AAA titles. Indie games shouldn't be an issue, however.)

The best 775 CPU I have is a Core 2 Duo E7600 (3.06GHz).

Its been crazy latley but a hearty thanks for all the reply and for moving the post to the correct place. I'm gonna sit on this for a while because my tablet is shitting the bed and I use it for work. Thanks all.

If you want to build it in a Mini-ITX Rig I got a LGA 775 ITX motherboard, specifically the ZOTAC G41ITX-A-E LINK
Unfortunately it only takes DDR2 800MHz up to 8GB.
I also am selling my old case and PSU:
The Silverstone RVZ01B along with the 450W 80Plus Gold SFX PSU.
I can take pictures of the motherboard in a bit but here is the post to my BST LINK

EDIT: Here is an image of it http://puu.sh/ibsZC/ffd3488074.jpg
Its just been sitting in there with an E6550 and a Big Shuriken 2 Rev B doing nothing.