WTB GTX 780ti or R9 290 Vapor-X

As the title states, I am looking to get either a GTX 780 ti or R9 290 Vapor-X edition card. Please, keep in mind that I only have $290 dollars available to spend. If you are wanting more, then I am afraid I cannot offer it. Feel free to post other offers as well. Thanks! I will pay via PayPal and the shipping is also included in the total priced paid for the item.

Cody Sanders

well you can grab a 290 new for that amount of money.


I was considering ordering the R9 290 TriX, but I really want to go Nvidia. I would really prefer the VaporX or 780ti. Those both go for about $300 used, and I was hoping someone might have some mercy on me. lol. Thank you for the suggestion; you are truly helpful in the GPU department.

the Sapphire 290 TriX OC is a great card exaly.
Vapor X isnt realy worth its premium price over the triX OC if you ask me.
In terms of performance they perform the same within a margin.
The Vapor X only runs slightly cooler, but thats basicly it.

The big plus of a 290 (x) over the 780Ti is that it basicly offers more vram, which can be handy in certain games.
especialy on higher res gaming.
Or in heavy modded games like skyrim with some hightexture packs and what not.

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After doing some measurements, I ran into a slight issue: the length of the TriX will not actually fit into my PC and neither will the VaporX. So, I really have a lot to consider here.

The Sapphire Tri-X / Vapour-X cards are 12 inches in length, or 304mm long. it's an insanely long card.

on a similar note, i would wait till a few days to see what AMD comes up their sleeve with the 300 series, it's allegedly going to drop this week. you could probably pick up a R9-390 or R9-380x for the amount you are going to spend on a 780ti or R9-290.

the 780ti is faster than the 290. but how much are the 780ti cards going for? last i remember it was around $400 bucks.

The R9 390 is going to be around $350, so I do not think I will be able to afford that.


That is obviously just rumor; however, those price values seem pretty feasible.

they sort of make sense. i wouldn't be surprised it later turned out to be true. in a way what i'm sort of surprised about is the fact that they have the 390 with 8GBs of VRAM as well. considering the 290 never got a 8GB edition card. i have a 290 i don't really plan on upgrading. i want to invest into a Free-Sync montior sometime soon.

but back on topic. I would look at the 380x or an R9-390 before you look after a 780ti or 290x. for all we know they COULD and i say "Could" likely.. be faster than the current Hawaii & Tonga GPUs. UNLESS you can get the 780ti for a steal of course. if you can find those for alittle over $300 bucks then i'd definitely go for that.

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