Wtb - gtx 670

looking for a nice second 670 for my system, any one (prefferably in australia) selling a 670  for cheap?

No one? This sucks haha

I have a 680, if you're interested.

If not,



and BOOM.

What one is it? and how much?

how much for the 680? im running a 460 and would like to upgrade to something from this decade :D

It's a 680 FTW+ 4GB, and I am looking more into trades than selling it straight out, but were I to sell, I'd want $330ish, or a 7970, preferably 7970 Lightning :)

I have an EVGA 670 FTW for $275 shipped, lemme know...

(just saw you are in AUS and I'm in USA so $250 plus ship :) )