[WTB] GTX 1080 Ti FE Stock Cooler Only

I’m looking for the stock blower-style cooler for a reference/Founder’s Edition GTX 1080 Ti. Willing to pay a fair price + shipping to the US, let me know what you’ve got.

Probably not going to find one but it’s worth a shot… every now and then one pops up on eBay from China for like $400 in an attempt to scam people thinking they’re getting the whole card, but that’s all I’ve seen watching for the last year and a half.

Gonna give this one bump before I let it die

Bump it again in a month. Supply is short rn

Yeah I’m really banking on someone with a custom loop that put a block on their card and then sold it, or something similar. Still have no idea what happened to my original cooler ass’y, guess it didn’t make one of the moves over the last five years.

Gonna bump this one back up to the top again. Never did find one and a friend is going to get Wendell’s Z390 Designare + 8700k from Devember, but the only GPUs we’ve got for the thing are a budget 1060 and my bare 1080Ti PCB.

At this point it might be better off to get a kraken g10 and a asetek cooler

Not what you’re asking for, but I have this 1070Ti which I believe uses a reference cooler.

If you give up on the hunt for a reference 1080Ti, I’d be willing to part ways with it.