[WTB] Dual Socket G34 or Dual LGA2011 Motherboard

Looking for a motherboard that supports 2x G34 Opterons or 2x LGA2011 Xeons. Planning on getting either Operon 6300 Series CPU’s or E5 Xeons, somewhere between 10-16 cores per chip.

I’m located in Canada so keep that in mind. If you happen to have 63xx series 12/16 core opterons or LGA2011 10/12 core Xeons or 64-128GB of ECC ram then id be interested in that too.

I think I can part with a pair of Opteron 6378’s and some registered ram. I need to look at what ram i have available. They’re from a blade server, though, so I couldn’t help you with the motherboard (unless you want a blade server…?). What’s your budget?

when i got this, i was considering using parts to make a new desktop, but motherboards turned out to be pretty pricey. and now I have ryzen instead.

Budget wise im hoping to keep it as cheap as possible but i am slowly preparing myself mentally for $300-400 for a board and $200 for 2x CPU’s in case nothing works out. . This will be for a home server so im really not looking to spend much. How much are you offering the CPU’s and ram for?

$200 is fair for the CPUs. I can do better if you want ram also. I don’t know how much for the RAM, though; i need to go downstairs and see what size dimms i have. Will do that this evening. Will get you speed/timings too.

have you found a good g34 board for $300? they were more like $400 - $500 when i was looking, last year. the ram i have is dual rank, registered ecc. I guess any opteron board ought to support that, but suggest you make sure.

Four of the 8GB dimms have heat spreaders as shown above; the other four are bare like the 16GB dimms.

Opterons are still in their sockets; I’d rather not remove them until I know for sure you want them. They’re under here:

OP6378 (G34, 16 core, 2.4 - 3.3GHz)  $ 100 ×2         $ 200
4GB Reg ECC (2Rx4 PC3 10600R)        $   8 ×6 (24GB)  $  48
8GB Reg ECC (2Rx4 PC3 10600R)        $  20 ×8 (64GB)  $ 160
16GB Reg ECC (2Rx4 PC3 10600R)       $  45 ×2 (32GB)  $  90

plus shipping+insurance from Indiana, USA.
(no idea how much this would be, but I’d charge actual cost only.)

If you take both CPUs and at least 64GB RAM I’ll take off $25.
If you take both CPUs and all 120GB RAM, I’ll take off $50. That would make it $448 for all.

I’ve never shipped internationally so would need to figure that out. PM your zip code if interested and I can estimate.

Let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

Its good to know that youve got some good parts kicking around. Cost wise, im assuming thats all in USD?

USD. Sorry; that detail skipped my mind!