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[WTB] dead enermax TR4 AIO


Hello, I am looking for a dead enermax TR4 AIO. Or a few I guess. Not particularly interested in the radiator, but I do want the pumpblock and tubing. I am very interested in the connections that fit into the pumpblock, since I dont know what they are called. They dissasemble from the pump block with a 00 size phillips head screwdriver. If a person were to cut off the hoses just above the radiator barbs and not cut off the side next to the pumpblock that would be best. Version 1 or 2 is fine. Wanted for spare parts, disassembly, some home testing, and general computer fun! I will for certain post anything interesting I do with the parts here on L1T. Payment to you via paypal is preferred.



I have one that was working when removed. Upgraded to full waterblock.
What’s your offer ($$$) and location?