I'm looking to upgrade my "XP Rig" to something Athlon Dual Core, so I can run more games and higher framerates.  The singlecore Athlon64 3200+ was pretty decent, but the dualcore would be awesome for some of the more recent games.  I might try a Pentium D or something, but I wanted to keep this an Athlon machine with an nVidia chipset.  One thing I like about the 939 is it will use memory I already have.

Also, what is up with Speccy telling me that my memory is running in single-channel mode?  I have replaced the Super Talent 2GB kit with a Kingston HyperX 2GB kit and still it is running in single-channel.  Well, at least that is what Speccy is saying.

AM2NF6G-VSTA?  Greenville, SC.

How would you like to proceed?  Do you have pictures of the board?  I think I want to get it. 

I never thought about international shipping.  that an take a while, and add cost.  That might eat into my budget gaming rig budget.  I'll have to see what I can do.



I'm planning to run my GeForce 9800GT.