[WTB]Any laptop

Im in need a somewhat decent laptop for school. My computer programming (C#) class requires us to run visual studio, and my D830 is a little too old and slow to run it. Im looking for anything really and as cheap as possible. Thanks in advance.

craigslist is a good source for really cheap laptops, i run visual basic on a laptop and a desktop, and it isn't very resource hungry. look for an i5 with at minimum 4 gb of ram,   



not me selling it...but figure i would just recommend it to you. i have one of these. i do java development on it. but i run linux instead of windows.

I looked around craigslist and local shops but I can find anything that will work so that's why I'm asking you guys.

im actually selling a laptop here OBO      http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-Vaio-E-16-Intel-Core-i3-2nd-Gen-Notebook-SVE1511RFXB-/261745639705?hc=1&hm=eog4d70f+a2c