(WTB) Amd sokect am3 cpu

As the title states I'm looking for a amd socket am3 not am3+ cpu Let me know what ya got.

 If you have any cpu that is contained in this list.



I'm trying to build a system for my cousin i've got every thing but a cpu to fit my spare mobo.

There you go! pcpartpicker

Lol Zombre the price on that x4 640 200 bucks.


Kai how muck do you want for it? And do you have any more specs on it?

Thank for the quick responses!

booo, i have a spare FX 4170 too :(

anarekist Im in north America where are you located? It sounds like kai is from the uk which is not a problem for me just more shipping costs. :)

 edit just noticed kai pic lol most likely from the uk



im from california, los angeles area.

Anarekist thats socket am3+ how much do you want for it? I might have a buddy that might want it.


Ps any cpu in this list please


i can let it go for 90 shipped.

Is that just the cpu or cpu and heatsink? Just so i can let him know.

both i suppose. i still have the box for my 8350 (oem fan in there) so i can bundle it with that. it can arrive safe and secure.

Haha, i hope you noticed that the faster one (645) is 75 dollar, the 640 is 200 dollar . . . 

lol zombre ya and I picked up a 620 a little while ago off the forums here for 50 bucks shipped from another member.

Anarekist he is interested in it but has no funds right now i will get a hold of you at a later date and if you still have it it will be sold.:)

word up. tell him he might have to hurry as i plan to do a FS (for sale) thread soon.

Ok already did tell him about it. I will tell him about your plans. Heck i might pick it up to replace my 965 be lol

Oh im currently running a amd phenom 965 be at 3.7 on a asus M5A99FX Pro r 2.0 so i can go either way am3 or am3+. the mobo im giving my cousin is a msi 785gm-e51 which is only am3.   :(

Me, got a Athlon II for you

details please?

price specs etc

bump it up

You can pick up the FX 8320 or 8350 processors at microcenter right now for nice price right now.