WTB a decent case for a decent cheap price lol?

ok so i was wondering if any one had a decent case for cheap id LOVE a cooler master XB or a cooler master stacker the highest i can pay is 80 maybe 85 with shipping none the less let me know thank you

what size case are you looking for?

some thing big enough to be able to fit my atx mobo in and decent air flow as i use air cooling

Ok here is three cases you should take a look at.




The third case is my personal pick of the three.

ok i will keep them in mind thank you

You could also consider the Corsiar Spec series that came out a couple of weeks ago. They are all pretty similar but the main difference is the internal layout between the Spec-01 and the 02/03 also the front panel and side panel are slightly different. Regardless of what they specs say they all come with one front LED fan and one rear fan. I hope you find a good case that suits your build.

Corsair Spec-01 LINK

Corsair Spec-02 LINK

Corsair Spec-03 LINK

I'm probably going to sell my HAF-X if I can find a case I like to replace it. Since it's used I'm not going to sell it for full retail price obviously. I'm hoping to find an NZXT Switch 810 in black, but everyone seems to have it in either white or gunmetal. Black is either rare or just sold out for some reason. Not sure if NZXT has discontinued the case either...

I'll sell a bitfenix survivor for $60+shipping

Comes with 2x200mm Bitfenix Spectre Red LED fans and 1x Bitfenix Spectre Fan ($45 Value Alone)


@ROK no thanks man but thanks for the offer

Thumbs up to what Theonewhoisdrunk said. If I were you I would definitely buy one of those Corsair cases.

I would have definitely recommended this case as well. With a rebate it was only $40. But unfortunately it's sold out now. 

I have a HAF932 Black Edition if you are interested.  




It's a big beast so I'm not sure how much shipping will be.  It's not perfect since it has some scratches but works fine and plenty of room for an ATX Board + high end gpus. 

@sizzflair how much?

how much? :)

I'll have to look at shipping.  If the shipping is not outrageous, I should be able to sell it for $85 as stated

k keep me posted oh do you still have the wheels and feet?

2014-05-02I'll have to see if i have the wheels. It has feet on there and they are definitely sturdier than the wheels that it came with, which is why i used them.


I will need a zip code to get a shipping quote. It is a big boy to ship 

zip 98660 if you cant find the wheels thats fine i had the haf 932 and i loved that case

any word on shipping?

Are you still looking bluedude30? I have an Azza Genesis 9000 that I was going to post for sale in the next couple days. I can get it all put together and get you some pictures. I'd sell it for 70 + shipping. Here is a link:


im goin to half to pass man thank you any ways best of luck with your sell