Hi all, 

I am looking for an 8GB kit of DDR3 12800 RAM for a MicroATX build I am doing. I would gladly go to a higher speed but not lower. Does anyone have anything they are looking to get rid of?


you realize that there is ABSOLUTELY no real performance increase from 1333 (slower) to 1600 as you want? This isnt the days when pentium 4s were top of the line and that actually mattered.

we dont know what hes using it for and some Apps take advantage of it better.

I'm assuming you're looking for a 2x4GB kit?

I would prefer to run two sticks in dual channel, but I am not opposed to a single 8GB chip. 

I have a 4x4 set if you'd like me to part with 2 sticks and sell you those two

I would be interested in all 4 sticks. What brand/timings do you have? Also, what would you be looking for in terms of price for all 4 sticks as well as for just 2? Thanks!

I'll PM you.