[WTB] 7970, 280x/270x/nvidia 670

Want to buy a used or new asus 7970 or xfx 7970 under 300 USD. Or asus 280x under 350. Or 270x under 200. Also looking for any 670, preferably a asus or zotac for under 220.


I know bitcoins have really ballooned 280x/7970 price and also with the 6xx & 7xx series confusion I like how nivida has bumped up the price to match AMD counterparts not knowing WHY AMD prices are UP? IMO they should lower them. Sort of like how the 560 ti was over 200 for good 2-3 years due to the AMD 5850's pricing of over 150-200 USD due to bitcoins in the last 2-3 years.

Would you take a 680 for 250?

If you live in belgium i will sell my 670 with O/C to 1802mhz for 240 euros .

With box , CD and all cables.

It's in very good condition.

NO WAY you will get a 7970 for 300 unless the seller has never heard of ebay, tigerdirect, or newegg. sorry man just trying to be real

Due to bitcoin 7970's have held there value.

I have two Ausu CUII 7970's in mint condition with boxes cables, and paperwork of purchase.


what's the going rate? 

I have a Gigabyte HD 7970 3GB I would sell for $300



that 7850 if you want, same as a 6950, but right now its going for 100.

Sapphire 290 for 400$?

i have a 270 ill sell for $185 and you pay shipping

I sell my 7970 ghz edition for 250€ If you are in Europe. :) 

Can you send me some pics of the hd6950, and is it the 2gb model


As far as I can tell they're still going for original value. I was hoping when the new R9 series came out I could get a 7970 on the cheap, unfortunately it's price inflated with the 280X's release and is still holding around $350-400 easily.