WTB 4th Gen Intel CPU

Looking for any cpu that will work with my asrcok z97 pro 4 motherboard

What do you need it to do? Price point?

i plan on using it for a server machine with windows file shares setup and some game hosting. so looking for like an i3 or i5 for the job

I’ve got a Xeon E3-1220L-V3. its a 13W chip, 1.1ghz, dual core with HT and can work fine for basic tasks like pfsense or file servers. Not sure about game hosting, never tested that with it.

Windows shares benefits a lot from spend and core count

Fair enough, just giving you some options.

i appreciate it man.

I have a quadcore i5 I could dig the specs up on. Upgrading this christmas. It’s quad 3.1, so it might hit that sweet spot. But could be above what you’re looking for.

currently im looking at an the i5 4570t for $100 on ebay

2 core 2.9 with decent OC if you get lucky. Not a bad move.

best I’ve found so far