[WTB] 21.5" 1080p Monitor

I'm looking for an old 21.5" 1080p monitor that someone may not need or want anymore but is still working. I'm planning on downsizing from my 24" beast of a monitor when I'm at school, rip BF3 performance... probably.

Hopefully it will also be one of those slim ones using LED backlight.

Price is negotiable, though I am on a budget.

Some more info would be nice (where do you live etc)

You may just want to look locally, a monitor I'd imagine is going to cost a bit to ship unless they have the original box, not to mention damages that may occur, what's your budget anyways? You can get a new one for 100 bucks that's 1080p IPS

My apologies, I'm from the USA, specifically California.

My budget is around 50 USD (possibly higher), hence the reason I'm looking for an older one that someone may not need anymore. I would of course pay for shipping and what not.

I'm looking at just getting a brand new panel (Black Friday is soon), but I'm just looking around.

you still looking for a monitor? I have a samsung sync master 19inch 1080p has one hdmi and vga hook up. I have a box I could ship it in. I could try to do 75 shipped, unless the shipping is far. We could work something out if your interested.

Thank you for the reply, I have sent a PM.