[WTB] 2011 MB w/ ECC support for E5 2620 v3

I've got a Xeon E5-2620 v3 begging to be used. Title used to say that I was looking for Sandy Bridge but this is Haswell?

Edit: Preferably cheap.

Yeah, It's Haswell-E (2011-3 socket)
Requires ECC, so C612 chipset

For a single socket, $310 is pretty cheap:

You can get dual socket Motherboards for a few bucks more:

Yeah I was looking somewhere around the 300 dollar mark but I'm probably going to just end up selling the chip. The more I thought about it today the more ludicrous the idea I had in mind was for my requirements.

Good idea. Sell it now. As soon as possible because the next gerneration of enthusiest platform is coming out soon.

Take the proceeds and buy a Ryzen.

I have a dual xeon system, and it's cool and all, but totally overkill for my needs. If Ryzen was out when I bought it, I would have bought Ryzen instead.

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