WSUS Server Will Not Push Updates

I can get the WSUS server to see the client computers, I can get it to synchronize with Microsoft and download the updates, but for the life of me, I cannot get it to push out the updates to the clients. I have triple and quadruple checked my gpo settings, and I can see in the logs on the client computers that they are looking to the WSUS for updates. I have managed to get the report viewer installed on the WSUS VM now thankfully. Any help would be most welcome!

Do you have the network ports set correctly on any firewalls (windows & network)?

Yeah, I checked that multiple times, and set them to be open via gpo on the domain.

You’ve approved the updates to be installed?

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I’ll ask our WSUS guy in the office on monday. But from what I heard over the last months is that WSUS is dead, is acting up and nothing seems to work properly. He killed and re-did our WSUS 4 times since the start of the year for that exact same reason. Also Microsoft has dropped support on it AFAIK.

Gone through all the steps described here?

@disarrayer I don’t think its dead, WSUS has always been a little funny to work with. They did introduce several new update methods with windows 10/Server 16/19 perfered over BITS which i think WSUS traditionally uses. Might be this?

Thanks for the link, will forward it to our WSUS guy. Maybe there is something he missed. Hope it helps OP as well

Thank you, that would be a great help!

I will try this when I get the chance, and let you know but the earliest I can do that is tomorrow night, 2/16.

Just to check in: @SilentKagemusha Sorry, I’m still sick at home and thus was unable to talk to my colleague. I added it to my TDL and will as soon as I’m in the office.

thank you, and i hope feel better