Wrong Chipset? (ASUS P8Z77-V LX)

I have the ASUS P8Z77-V LX motherboard, and it's recently begun to flake out on me. CPU voltage is all over the place (although no crashes...yet), USB voltage is somewhat unstable, USB 3 isn't working, anything running in a VM crashes. The lines coming from my PSU are fine (it's a Corsair after all).

However, since I have never been able to get this board to take an overclock, the integrated GPU doesn't work, and USB3 throughput was pretty much always much lower than expected, it was mentioned to me that the board acts like it has a P67 chipset on it. Since the board was acting strangely, I did some searching, I'm apparently not the only one, possibly a bad batch? [http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2293117] The problem is mine actually shows up as Series 7. I've seen some weird crap happen with computers, but this one is up there. 

Everyone I have talked to says that, although it's pretty much unheard of, it is possible. Since this board is quite decidedly out of warranty, what are the chances ASUS would replace it? 

Also, unfortunately complicating things, I need this PC for online classes. (Well, I could actually go to the college and use their PCs, but that's a good chunk of money in gas.) Since I'd most likely need to RMA it and be without a PC that I can use for class, would it be worth it to just buy the LK version ($115) and be done with it?

ASUS putting P67 chips on a Mobo an then merketing them as Z77. Probably not. That doens't make sense because people buying Z-series boards expect certain features that a P67 just couldn't provide.

I'd guess you just have a faulty board. Maybe there is something wrong with the socket or the VRM, it sounds like it. Do you have the possibility to test your CPU in another system to make sure it's not that?

I don't think ASUS will replace it, so just get a new one.

From what I understand, this was a bad batch, not bad marketing, but who knows.

No, unfortunately I don't have another system, unless I took apart a friends PC... Probably not gonna happen. He actually has the LK version and it's a much better board, leaning towards buying it anyway.