Written Review of the HTC Droid Incredible 2

     This is my first written review, so please bear with me.

     The review I will be doing will be on the HTC Droid Incredible 2 from Verizon Wireless. When I first looked at this phone for my upgrade, it seemed like a good phone based on the specs and pictures. So I decided to get it. It is a good phone indeed.

     There are many things I really love about this phone. I'm gonna start off with the User Interface. I do like the user interface, it took a little time to learn the UI from transferring from my old Samsung Intensity. After getting use to the UI, it is fairly simple to use. The call quality seemed to me, in my ears nice and clear. That will vary from how good of service you have. When I put my phone on speaker, it isn't completely clear when volume is all the way up. Web Browsing is also pretty good. The scrolling does have a little lag, but I can really read the text clearly; I also like to work on my essays for school to, I often make typos. Typing can be an issue with people who have really big hands (I.E. Me). Now when it comes to taking pictures with the built in eight mega pixel camera, they really turn out great. Here is a few pictures I took:

See how well those pictures came out? I was impressed at how well this phone does. The eight mega pixel camera also does 720P High Definition Video along side, I did notice some stuttering of the video playback and recording. Here is a quick video testing the Video Camera: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIV4IvMD-Vg. When I put a movie on my phone from my computer, the write and read speeds were decent. I did the video playback on my phone from the movie I synced onto my phone, I was really satisfied with the color of the screen. The construction also feels really sturdy as well. Not flimsy period! This phone is also Wi-Fi Capable. A/B/G and N. I get a decent range of Wi-Fi with my phone to.

     There are a few things to do concern me with this phone. Battery would be the most obvious. The Battery life just plain sucks, I can have it drained within about a four hour time period. The main startup of the phone also takes a while as well, that will also depend on how many apps have to load and all that. The touch screen is also too sensitive a little bit. I just wish android would have a way to adjust the sensitivity of the screen. There isn't too much that will detur anyone from this phone. I do love it.

Looks: 8/10

Build Quality: 10/10

Feel: 10/10

Ease of use: 8.5/10

Performance: 7.7/10

Features: 9/10

Overall: 8.6/10