Writing code

I feel like i didnt explain that well when i posted this so i rewrote it, what I meant was writing code in general  like other then setting a goal where would a good start be?

Set yourself a goal and go after it.

Scripts use VBS - start simple and build up then you can move to PS or Autoit or vb.net etc.

I didn't read your original question but if you've never touched code before I'd suggest picking a programming language and running through some tutorials on it. Then think of something cool to make and start making it because that's honestly where you learn the most and also have the most fun!

what do you think would be the easiest to pick up from and then learn more advanced stuff from? also if i do do this i will post in the forum for some ideas  and some opinions

People have different opinions on this but I personally learned C first, which is something I would recommend as it will give you a solid basis from which to learn essentially any other imperative language out there. Plus there are plenty of tutorials around, I think a few folk around here have mentioned it too so you could probably get help here as well if you get stuck.

Personally, what I have done, is I started on C++ and I use a text editor. I personally think that it helps with "grammar" (called syntax right?). I never knew how spoiled I was with an IDE and I wont be going back to one. I find programming much more fun with a text editor. Anyway, my plan is to move to Assembly, Java, and Python. Just some insight into what I do (I'm a beginner too). Take whatever you want from it. 

Yeah, I agree with the text editor thing. I use sublime text currently for the bulk of my programming stuff.