wpa2-psk LEGAL cracking




ok, i went to my relative's house, and they have a wifi settled up, and their house is quite big, and they lost their password,

anyways, i don't know what did i do, but i made this 2nd network in it which is weaker in signal over distance, but it's a big house, so i want to retrieve the old password for the old one, i got their permission,but they don't me to touch the router anymore..

so how? never been in cracking.  and i have a windows 7 laptop; don't mind it's slow; the password type is a wpa2-psk

a step by step please? i heard of aircrack, but not working....

my wifi card is intel centrino wirless-n 2230

Okay, Used incorrectly, this is illegal, but you state you have permission.But first, the particulars

you must have a wi-fi adapter capable of packet injection. I do not know all of them, but Alfa is a good one. (also a good one to make a satellite wi-fi antenna out of)  what you will be cracking is NOT WPA2-PSK, you will be cracking WPS. which is difficult but possible. You will first need Bacltrack 5r3, not the kali crap they have now.


we need to know, does their router have a push button on it's router? you can find this out by double clicking on their network and at the bottom they will often have an option to use WPS. It is sometimes not there. However, you can look at their router, and see the button, the button usually has an unlock feature on it. 

There is also a quick hack for doing this through windows here that is less dependable, but often faster.

Continuing on, if WPS is enabled you can often use a nice little exploit which will require some walking if WPS is in fact enabled. You simply go to their house, press the button whilst someone else has clicked the WPS icon on your machine. Also, the password is often at the bottom of the router.

hard reset the router plug in an ethernet cable go to or and it should ask for a login and pass, its either on the router, or it is just usually admin password, admin1 password, admin1 password1, admin PASSWORD...ect. you can probably just look up the model online, and get the login info. 

wifi hacking is not just something you can really understand in 15mins online and its not just a point and click operation (most of the time). 


you probably don't even need to hard reset the router anyways. you can probably just got to and try logins though the network your on.

yes it is... sorta....

you'll need to use reaver and some such. i've done it before, but not for a while. as long as it's psk and not TKIP(?), there's an exploit in the WPS key.

you can WPS crack if its on, or use rainbow tables to brute force it, as it stands that is about it, unless WPS is on don't expect to find it any time in the next year. 


If you can find a laptop that still has the password, go to network manager, manage wireless networks, properties on the network, and then under passkey click the show password box.  

Why not have your relative contact their ISP instead? Why do YOU need to retrieve the password? Simply have the owner of the service call their ISP, and then have them (the ISP) retrieve the password.

the ISP probably doesn't have such access. it's probably their router.

I wouldn't bother doing anything of the sort. The simplest solution would be to enter the ui of the router and change the password from there.

  1. To do this: plug your laptop into the router using an ethernet cable.
  2. Open up a command prompt
  3. Type "ipconfig" and hit enter
  4. Copy paste the default gateway into the address bar of your browser
  5. Attempt to log in using generic username and passwords, if this fails attempt to find the default username and password on the router
  6. Change password

You could also ask them if the owners have a setup disk or manual of the router, a quickstart disk could also eb used to get into the router setup.

Ah! Completely forgot about that. I rent the router I have from my ISP. Forgive my ignorance.

Hey guys after long time of research studying all the forum download all the bloody shits finally
discovered one successfull wifi hacker,So guys i decided share with you.Am not posting the video
proof because youtube is continuously removing video due to it mal practice of real working hack.How
ever you can download the file below.Thanksssssssssssssssss


Here's a helpful guide that you may find useful...


YouTube and Google are great resources. Use them.

This video series covers pretty much everything.


on mine, it's
password:wpa key

as said before, the best way is to get access to the wifi password is through connecting to the admin panel of the router, just get the name of the router, and search how to connect to it and change the wifi password (chances are, it is written in plain sight, and you will only need to write it).

Does the router support WPS? if so join a laptop using WPS the get the password from windows under the Manage wireless networks Window in network and sharing centre. 

That's a lot of typing for a troll post.

Also, "You will first need Bacltrack 5r3, not the kali crap they have now. " made me laugh