Wowza Streaming Engine


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Does Anyone here tried using wowza for live streaming purposes?.. I'm looking to try it sometime and want more suggestion from the community. I've only seen wowza hosting on Amazon,Azure,Google.. etc but those are kinda expensive.. i mean really expensive for a small business or individual.. I'm comparing it towards the offering of $42 per month, (Livestream LLC) 720p, Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited Streams, Unlimited Storage, etc.. can anyone give thoughts about this?.. The only thing i hate about the Livestream Fee for $42 is they don't allow live embedding.. and White Labeling. There is another plan that could do that but it's way to expensive around $200 ish... with few features added.. i'm afraid there's no sweet spot beyond that $42. That is why i'm looking for other alternatives like making my own Wowza Streaming Build ( A Server Running Wowza).. but the thing is i have a lot of speculation if it will work. I mean i can build it and install,.. but i'm afraid it would not deliver as promise due to our Internet Plans and i might go for a CDN to push the stream Globally. Our internet plan is 20Mbps Down.. 2-7 Mbps up.. if lucky.. :D


I have tried Wowza in my professional environment and dropped it. If you have the skills and the patience to make it work correctly it will work great. Then comes the little problem of recurring support fees and the overall pricing as a package.

If it is just for a one-two live streams there is a nice thread on OBS(Open Broadcaster Studio) on how to make your own media server with Nginx, but you will require some Linux knowledge, CDN configuration knowledge and definitely some live video encoding skills as well.

If it is for a business and you want a pre-build white label solution usually comes around 500US per stream without bulk discounts(encoding included), so 200US is not bad.

Cool. Thanks :D