Wow... This again, more blaming video games for vi

These people... they are so stupid. How do they even stand up?

My fucking brain! it hurts to watch this.

What the fuck's the difference between being able to watch a video on youtube about a game with terrorist, or watching one of the tens and tens of movies like that? Bunch of fucktards.

I will say it again: If someone is mentally unstable enough to be influenced by such medias in doing something as tragic, said media has only been the trigger. If it wasn't this, it would have been something else.

In any case, this is stupid as hell.

Wait what? According to numerous news sources (BBC as an example), people believed that the attacks were influenced from Islamic radical beliefs

>suicide bomber blows up in a large, populated area.

>game where you shoot people with full auto machine guns.

first off, thats not even the same thing...

second, there was a shooting at the school board close to where i live, if a video game had a "school board" level, im sure that would have been blamed....

third (and somewhat related to the above point) - thousands of people play these games, one isolated indecent of violence can not connect violence to video games. if i drank pepsi then died, according to their logic, pepsi causes deaths... even if millions of people drink pepsi around the world.

and last, countless studies show that video games REDUCE stress, anger and violence.

loop up the release dates for big games at the beginning of the "video game age" (such as doom). now look at a graph showing the crime rates. notice how the crime rates LOWER AFTER SHOOTING GAMES COME OUT!?!

amazing isnt it! before video games ~50 / 1000 crime victims, after brings it down to ~20 / 1000


just posting some sources....

also, there IS an article the fbi published, but thoes are a pain in the ass to find.....


No one wants to actually analyze the situation.

They want to blame the thing that everyone over 40 has a problem with.

Dear Ms.News reporter lady,

Now that you have watched an animated video on youtube that not only you saw but you showed to everyone else who has watched your news shows, according to your logic we should see an influx of violent attacks on places such as an airport because of what you have shown us. I will wait until you blow up an airport yourself because that animated youtube video caused you to do so.


A concerned gamer.

posting some better news on gaming :)

why must everyone fear video games while we have cartoons like Tom and Jerry, I realize these are not quite the most close examples Tom dose not often wield M240's and bullet proof while side stepping past a wall to finally get his mouse meal. But seriously if this was based on MW2 do you not think they would have targeted a Russian airport sooner to spread more hate against America?

what bullshit. to easy to blame but i dont even see a link either. the guy had a bomb i had a gun...

Yeah, It's becoming pretty tiresome how much they're blaming video games, and how much they're starting to censor video games (Medal of Honour, changing terrorists to 'opposing force'?), if anything I would have thought that video games retract real-life violence, in that they can get rid of their frustration by killing virtual people instead of real people.

Ztrain - Daily Mail is hardly a renowned newspaper as it is (Generally considered a tabloid), but still cool nonetheless.

HOLY SHIT! The Nazi's created the first Video games! it all makes sense now.

Everyone is a victim, and no one is accountable for their own individual actions. It's always someone else's fault, or so they believe.


Hmm. 9/11 terrorists used flight simulators for training. Blaming FSX? Nooo, becuase you can't kill people in such "games".