WOW... Just WOW. File Permissions (Windows 7/Avira)

So I'm just trying to get an emulator to work. I keep getting false positives from Avira and I simply want to now delete the entire folder where I extracted my emulator archive. I can't do that anymore after changing exceptions in Avira due to those false positives. I don't have permission to delete my own shit.

I really can't even fully explain this because its confusing even for me... I think I'm going to fucking uninstall Avira just because of how fucking pissed off it just made me.

'you require permission from blah blah user name to make changes to this folder'.




Its just doing its job ? Its one of the better free ones out there.

You need to remove what it is you just posted.. this whole attempt to download stuff onto peoples pc will met with memes and disco.

The hell? It's freaking gif of Hades from the Disney movie Hercules

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Avira (AFAIK) changes the extension of any file it detects, and stops it from being either opened or deleted.

Open Avira - check quarrantine - add exceptions for all files - then delete them

Hmm. Not able to look into it too much now as I am on mobile but it was triggering a file download prompt, so I deleted the post. That seems to have fixed it now.

Don't take it personal. Sometimes people hide stuff in popular stuff so it spreads. Even attempting to auto download something is bad form and will be met hostilely. :)