Would you

Honestly buy a console if they allowed mouse and keyboard support?

they already do.

Already rocking my P S Triple

? besides xfps or w.e. they call it

Well they already do.. And I already own a ps3.

wait when did this happen?

and i was speaking more to the hardcore pc fanboys

Siggggh... How would you know that I am not one?

Because you bought a ps triple

Its called, there are no more noobs on pc, so why not pwn some console noobs aswell.

I cant use my thumbs though =(...i suck with controllers hard.

I know you can use mouse for Ut3..that is if anyone plays.

But explain how you can use your keyboard and mouse without and dumping like $100+Â on some adapter?

Perhaps. Been thinking about a PS3...I'll wait till I get a bigger and better TV tho. I wouldn't buy a console and play it on my 23"....it would feel wrong to me lol. Also, the retarded average console playerbase on consoles is kinda scaring me lol

Xbox 360 is cool?

By buying a generic logitech wireless usb keyboard + wireless usb mouse.

Not totally sure about the mouse, I'll check it out when I get home.
All usb keyboards works out of the box with ps3

Well.. seen from a non fanboy POV:
Ps3 got less horny 12 year old kids with high frequent voices.

2 USB 2.0 slots on the PS3 80gb

Plugging in my Lycosa and Deathadder to browse the internet and play games with keyboard/mouse support


iono about mouse support but the xbox lets you use a keyboard

2 usb slots.. geeeh, why did they remove all the nice slots and expansions.. -_-" They should ATLEAST have 4 there.

Controller charger
External drive or stick