Would you make this trade?

Hey I have a 7700k with 16gb g skill 2400 memory and an MSI Z270 SLI Plus, a 500W PSU from thermaltake and a pair of cheap SSD’s in R0 for 240GB total and an additional 1.5TB Samsung spinner…the 7700K is OC’d to 4.8 with a delid and cheap 120 water cooler (but no conductonaut where i live…ugh…ill have to order some…ugh) but the GFX card will NOT be traded…

My question - would yall straight up trade that for an HP Z600 with 48GB Registered 1333 ddr3, a pair of X5660’s, dual 480GB SSD’s (cheap shit) and again no gfx trade so ignore that…???

i do game at times but use this for a media center PC 99% of the time but i would like to start using unraid or another virtualization software just as the next step in my hobby…i have built some simple linux servers for plex and have a pfsense box, etc., and now want to try out the next thing but still occasionally game at 1080P…

sorry so long

I would not



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You can get X5660’s on ebay for $20 each. Plus, that system is to power hungry to use as a media center pc and would be terrible for gaming if you still wanted to game. X5660 is an old, slow Westmere chip.


Although ebay is not the place for the best deals on surplus server hardware, it does give a reasonable idea how much certain stuff is worth.

Looks like that system is going for anywhere from 150-500 depending on the seller and config. Based on cost alone, it doesn’t make any sense value-wise for the proposed trade. Much less when performance is factored in on top of that.

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i dont disagree with yall (but please leave a reason, it helps)…at least not TOTALLY…again i dont game so much anymore and i dont have to worry about power bill (employer pays for it) but i also could sub an rpi for media center use and make this my primary gaming and workstation…so…that said…
i AM getting more into things like virtualization and i think i need the ‘torque’ this mofo has over the ‘horsepower’ of the 7700k…more MC performance vs SC performance…i mean this DOES have 24 threads and 48gb so even with the lower IPC i am thinking i could run 3 gaming rigs 4c8t each (i know i need something for unraid or whatever too) and give each something like 16gb mem …yea, im thinking along the linustechtips 7gamers1cpu line…
with that in mind…??? i mean youve got to think that TYPE of thing would be difficult on a 7700k, yes?
it wont be three oses all for gaming in fact ill be playing around with lots of oses and setups but just using that for an example…

true BUT something that i didnt tel you is that im in fuckin istanbul where theyre still running core2duos in lots of homes and prices are fuckin wacky because of currency problems, etc, and that to have family ship me an HP Z600 here from the states would incur a big customs fee…so although i totally agree with the premise thinking in terms of costs is a LOT more complicated because you just cant find HP Z600’s here at all…

Can you just trade the 7700k for the Xeon system? Trading the whole rig (minus gpu) means you will lose a lot of value in the transaction.


Keep in mind that Westmere is slated to have support dropped from VMware in an upcoming release.

About all those chips are good for is for servers, test labs, render farm, etc. I would know because I have the X5675’s.

I would not recommend anything less than 3GHz for gaming use-case unless you’re playing simple games.

First and foremost your focus should be on your productivity. So if downgrading to this system means your work output will increase then go for it. Be sure to look at benchmarks. Remember, gaming is optional. If your intent is to do something like Linus did, forget out it with this system. It would be much better for running game servers instead.


Agreed, since the CPU is about worth the entirety of the other system.


ok good deal…

so new question then…if i build this guy a gaming rig to trade for what he has then what would you say i should build him? again forget the gfx card, has has an RX480 in this and im not buying him anything better, he will keep that…but what would you say is a good deal to swap for that?
Im thinking something like an X79-based setup but then again an i5-8400-ish setup shouldnt be too bad in cost and would be a great improvement for this guy in games…right?

I would if it was CORE I gen 3 and up procs, otherwise no thats a bad deal.

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I wouldn’t recommend it. Those workstations can be had for quite cheap now. Your system has far newer, faster, and more efficient tech. I have a Dell T7500 with an almost identical spec build to that Z600 that I use for running CentOS with oVirt. I paid 400 dollars for mine 4 years ago. If you really want to get into some more homelab stuff I recommend just saving up and buying an old workstation like the Z600 or T7500. These generation workstations will absolutely use a ton of power and you would not want to leave it on all the time. Definitely not something to use if you use your system as an HTPC often.


No way. Those Xeons are ancient and in everything other than very highly threaded workloads the 7700k should out-perform them; especially if there are hardware acceleration instructions being used (e.g., for AES, transcoding, etc. - most of the heavy workload stuff an end user is likely to do) that those Xeons are likely too old to support.

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No. Once I heard HP it was over.

If you wanted something more VM friendly, i’d sell the 7700K and board, get a 2700X or 1800X, and be way ahead of where those ancient Xeons would be (even on a B350 board).

Playing swapsies for an ancient old machine with DDR3 memory and way, way outdated instruction set at low clock speed is just way behind where you’d be with a fairly cheap change of board and CPU to something current from the red team (or even an 8700K from team blue).

You’d also get m.2 slots (on a current tech box) for fast storage in future, not be relying on SATA2 or crappy old SAS drives.

No matter how much RAM you throw at a home-lab, disk IO ends up being the limiting factor in my experience when you’re doing this (running numerous VMs) on a home workstation.

Disk IO also tends to end up being the limiting factor in the datacenter too…

In the case of your workstation, don’t forget that if you’re spinning up say 3-4 or more VMs, each one of those is going to be placing demands on your storage. If you’re not SSD (or at least have LOTS of spinning drives in RAID), it’s going to be a shit show, no matter how many CPU cores you have.

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Update (I know, this has been forever)…I DID make this trade and although this thing is for sure much slower per core (obviously) I can now run ubuntu with a Windows VM and Mac OSX 10.14 VM and STILL have room leftover to run another Linux VM on this thing without a sweat, with 8 cores and 16 gigs on Win and Mac…honestly, I am glad that I made this trade…i see it as though I needed a mac truck and had a corvette…the friend I traded it with needed the corvetter and had the mack truck…im very happy with it even if both boxes had originally been mine too haha :slight_smile: