Would you go for a GTX 980 ti in my case?

Hey there, i would appreciate your input in this case. My PC specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7 5820K @4.0gHz + Corsair H100i
RAM: Crucial 32GB DDR4 (4x8gb) @2400mHz
OS Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
Case: Corsair 900D
PSU: Corsair HX1000i 1000 Watt
Monitors: 1x 40" Samsung FullHD TV , 2x 21.5" LG 1080p
SSD: Sandisk Extreme II 240GB, OCZ Vertex3 60GB
HDD: 2x 3TB Western Digital Red, 2x 1.5TB Seagate
Speakers: Logitech Z5500 5.1
Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013
Mouse: Razer Ouroboros
Mousepad: Razer Vespula
Headset: Razer Kraken 7.1

Currently on games like Gta V, The Witcher 3, i see my Gpu activity hovering arround the 75-95% mark with everything turned on. Vram usage on gta is 3500+MB. I don't plan on moving on to 1440p monitors, but i would like to be able to game at 1080p with everything turned on at 60 fps. Right now i get some drops to 50 fps at times. What do you guys think i should do?

To be honest with you. i wouldn't.

the 770s in SLI are going to do just as, or much better than the single 980ti. Now if you are having ISSUES with SLI in games then i would recommend you do it. but if you aren't with your current games, there's really no need.

No sli issues so far, all the games i play support it, it just saddens me to see drops in fps with high gpu activity. Its like the cards do the best they can, but its not enough for a stable 60 fps experience at these games.

I just read the gigabyte 980ti doing 134 fps at 1080p for gta v, witch for me would mean that the card would hover arround 50% usage for 60 fps on a single monitor which would be "future proof".

It sounds like your setup is operating at a level you are happy with. Why blow money on something else? I'd just wait until you can't play a game you want to play and upgrade then with whatever is the best your budget allows at that time.

well yes and no.
If you are happy with the current performance then i dont see much reason to upgrade.

But if you like something like triple 1080p monitors, or what not,
or you just want your fps to be as high as possible.
Then yes it can be worth it.

Personally, I would settle for a lower level of graphics fidelity, to compensate for any frame drops.

It is your decision. But the marginal cost-benefit here is high cost, little benefit.

@Reallunacy it would be several years before this machine can't play a game. The point is to have the current and next gen games run at a comfortable 60 fps.

@MisteryAngel i tried triple monitor in my setup, it sucks after you leave the game, the windows experience in just not there yet. Nowadays i prefer just gaming on my main, monitor stuff on the other, and browsers on the 3rd monitor.

@Berserker How do you mean little benefit? its almost double the performance with what i get currently. Plus, selling the 770s will make up for some of the cost.

I don't believe it is worth two 770s plus cash to stop the frame rate dipping slightly below 60.

But as I said, it's up to you. I tend to be a little more frugal.

@Berserker I guess you are right, maybe things will improve with windows 10, who knows. Especially if they do the combine-cards thingy that i read they plan on doing.

My point is that it sounds like you are running current games at a level you are happy with, not that it can't play them at all. For all we know, the quality of games may not change much in the next year or two and if that is the case there would likely be a better graphics card to purchase by the time you need to upgrade. However, the first time you buy a game and are upset at the level of which your computer handles it, I say upgrade then.

Plus, as has been mentioned, you may get a performance improvement with DX12.

well still i would concider it.
if you can sell your current sli 770´s for a decent price.
Then i would concider it.

Frame dips can be caused by cpu bottleneck, or bad sli optimization.
I´m personaly more a fan of a single highend gpu setup, rather then a dual midrange gpu setup.

@MisteryAngel i used to be fan of a single high end gpu too, when i bought the 770 it costed 500 euros comparing to 700 for a flagship 780ti at that time. It was more logical for me to go for a second 770 and sli, considering it has 1gb more vram and it stomped on the 780ti and even the titan.

Regarding cpu bottlenecking, i remember watching a video that showcased the fact that that even an intel i3 cant be bottlenecking a titan, so i assume im safe with the 6 core 5820k. I dont remember seeing the cpu being used more than 50% across all cores.

It's just my opinion. I wouldn't judge you if you bought the 980ti. I am a fan of a single high-end card, versus SLI

Well that highly depends on the situation exaly.

There will allways be a bottleneck at a certain point, no matter which cpu.
if you play cpu demending games at 1080p for example, and you put 2 highend gpu´s like dual 980´s, then the cpu will definitely bottleneck that.
Even an overclocked 5960X will.
Ofc if the bottleneck is realy noticable or not, is a diffrent story.
But it doesnt mean, that there isnt any.

But for dual 770´s it should be allright.

Sorry for getting of topic here, but from what i understand a bottleneck is a situation where your gpu has to slow down because your CPU cant keep up with the workload at the time. What you are describing is a scenario where someone is trying to push way too many fps at a low resolution, meaning the CPU is working 100%, therefore the GPU cant run at 100% to push all those frames.

In the video i watched, jays2cent's 3770k had to be downclocked from a 4 core 8 thread @ 4.8ghz down to a 2 core 4 thread 3.3ghz to see any noticable framerate drop in battlefield 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAgpvWc4VBM&t=18m37s

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If your such an avid Jay fan you should also remember him saying his overclocked 5960x was the bottleneck in his 3 way Titan X build... https://youtu.be/sEO1ZZTA0d4?t=3m10s Play from where I left it.

The 770's perform as well as a 980Ti, but they have less consistent performance because it's SLI. (that's where the drops are coming from probably).

Heres what I would do. Sell one 770 since SLI sucks ass, then upgrade next year when pascal and the R9 400 series launch. (the graphics cards coming out next year will be a very big jump in power.

Just turn the settings on med-high for the next year or so, and you should be able to play games at a decent framerate.

Yes, he did. He also is talking about bottlenecking $3,000.00 worth of graphics cards.

@maxwellzelophan 770 in sli = 980ti ? Not from what i see on reviews. Im assuming people reviewing the card test with everything on max. With current drivers , a single 980ti is nearly double the performance of my sli setup.

Regarding selling one, all i have to say is: "But how will i be able to sleep properly while gaming on medium?" :P

Joking aside, i feel like waiting to see if things improve with windows 10, and if not then sell them asap before nobody wants to buy them.

pros - single card, less power consumption, increased case airflow, no sli issues, fresh warranty period, the oc results peeps are seeing with 980ti's - omg!
cons - what to do with the 770's ? - sell / keep etc, high out of pocket cost, & the aesthetics for your build - a single gpu may make your build look a litlle bare in such a big case.

You should still get quite good money for the 770's - especially being 4gb models. If you were to sell them off.
Best of luck with what ever you choose.