Would You Eat Meat Grown From Celebrity DNA?

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     Dear Logan and Wendell, please tell me what you think of this possible future business of growing meat in a lab from the DNA of celebrities and making it into salami.  If you would eat it, what person's DNA would you want it made from.  Also, is this cannibalism or possibly not real? (Links Below)

47 second official video -----------------------------------> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yC0rR3KvUqI

Bitelabs website (the company doing this) ------------> http://bitelabs.org/ 

Motherboard article-----------------------------------------> Click this or hover over for URL


It's a troll.  If it's not a troll I have no doubt it'll get shut down.

That is what I thought at first until I saw the MotherBoard article.  Im still not sure if it is real or fake.  I wonder if groups like PETA would encourage people to eat lab grown meat vs real meat.  Or would they still be against it if the DNA was from a cow.  Maybe they would rather have people eat lab grown human meat...


Real or fake it is an interesting topic for morals and ethics. 

I would eat Kate Beckinsale's meat xD

"Interesting" indeed.  It fairly surpasses the morality questions about cloning.  Now they are basically asking "is it ok to clone a celebrity and the process the celebrity into salami?"  Sure, they aren't going to actually clone the entire person, but the line is so thin as to be nonexistent.

This just seems wrong on so many levels, but hey if they are not hurting anyone it is really none of our business.... But its just, its so wrong.... It's horrible..

(cough*Soylent Green*cough)

Celebrity meat cloned through their DNA samples? and yes, it's cannibalism.

Not unless they're some kind of celebrity pig.

Agreed. It makes me feel sick just thinking about it.