Would you buy a 6600k for $259.99 or 6700k for $379.99? Is it worth the extra money

I'm building a new system and I can't decide between 6600k for $259.99 or 6700k for $379.99?

They vary ~$5 bucks by retailer so what do you think? Which retailer is better? BH, newegg, Amazon etc

I already have a z170 motherboard, 16gb ram, and 970.

Xeon 1231v3

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I already have a z170 motherboard

I'm so sorry, then the 6500 would be more than enough if you're just doing basic stuff and gaming at 60Hz

What are you planing on doing with it?

Gaming and general use = i5

Video editing, CAD, and stuff like that = i7

Productivity and gaming. I'm a cs student so programming and I'm also a chrome tab whore (I know that's more of a memory thing). And a couple linux vms.

Problem with the 6700K is that if you had the ability to return the board or something you could go X99 for not much more money and be completely set

I agree but I can't return it. For $429 the 6700k is a terrible deal. But at $379 I might consider it


But just so you know, there is the xeon 1230 v5 cpu that has all the same benefits of the 1231 but will work with skylake.

Super biz has it for 250 which is about 100 bucks less than the 6700K.


I thought intel removed the ability to use Xeons on the consumer chipsets


Just the 6700 would be fine on it's own, you'd get maybe 10% more performance from an OC to like 4.5ghz on the 6700K

Yeah you're right the xeons use a different chipset unless there's an exception I don't know about . Superbiiz has some bad ratings


What fucking ass holes.

This is what happens when AMD fails to do shit right.

The 6700 is really kind of a joke. For a few bucks more you can get a rather significant clock speed increase.

And they're as expensive motherboards as z170

Yeah the 6700k is better than 6700 but is it $120 better than 6600k

For a CS student, yes.

Pretty much

Probably just for the extra threads since you're stuck on that platform, of course you could always just sell the board you have now and get a Xeon 1231v3 based PC

I'd say i5, I mean modern hardware is already really fast and not advancing over past gens, but that's not my arguement. The i7 is not $125 more worth it sure its got twice as many thread but the same amount of cores. Gaming you'll see no difference and in rendering it'll also depend on the application. Typically you will see a difference, i7 being better. (obvi) maybe 25-35 better by my guess. (I'll do some research)

What does the rest of your build look like? Do you have an SSD? If you're deciding between the two and dont have an SSD get an SSD and the i5 you'll have a significantly more responsive system.

This is coming from the guy with a 5930K mind you.

Ya that wouldn't be worth it man, an SSD can be added later, upgrading the CPU would be more of a pain and cost more down the line

I've got a 256gb ssd. I upgrade pretty regularly so I'm kind of thinking save $125 and go with 6600k. I don't even do any editing or rendering. But would it benefit me if I switch it to a media center pc down the road?

they're the same chip.

the i7 has 2mb (.5mb per core) of L3 cache and intel left all the features (or most of them) turned on, vs the i5 where the gimp the shit out of it.

in 99% of scenarios the i5 is fine, since they're almost identical performance clock per clock. in the last 1% the extra L3 and features will make the i7 faster.

also the i7s tend to overclock better.

gonna come down to if you're in that last 1% or not.