Would you be interested in a higher end ODAC?

Would love the communities feedback on a possible high-end ODAC product. Would you want something that goes up to 300+K sampling, 16-32 bit?

We are entertaining an idea of adding an optical port, but if we can find a USB interface that works with all modern devices (Mac,Linux,Windows + apple products and PS4's/Xbox Ones).

Let me know your thoughts!

Optical would be a plus. USB often has too much noise.

Even if you were to add coax as an option, it would be a lot better.

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I would agree especially if its high-end, all of my audio cables are optical other than my headphones.

32-bit/384kHz and I'd be a happy camper. Take a PCM5102A or AK4490 (or PCM5242 for major shits and giggles), use decent passives, strap on optical, and I'd buy at least three.

EDIT: Although with USB it seems like the limiting factor is the USB controller chip rather than the DAC chip itself. I know the ODAC rev. B uses the PCM5102 which is capable of 32/384, but the Bravo SA9023 limits it to 24/96. Kind of a shame really. I believe the XMOS XHRA-2HPA can do 32/384, but I've also heard XMOS is a bit iffy on new buyers.