Would this work?

Hi, i'm trying to find parts for a first time build. And this is what i've come up with, could you please check if it would work. Also if you have a better build, for the same price or lower, i'm open to suggestions.



link shows nothing :)

There fixed :D

What will you be using it for? That power supply is overpriced


super build only one thing i would chance, 4x4 GB of ddr3 memory, you can better buy a 2x8 GB kitt thats cheaper.

and that gpu, maybe chance to the shaphire radeon 7870 ghz edition for sale about 204 dollars

I don't live in Amarica so i can't, but thanks for the advise with the RAM :)

I know, i couldn't find the one that i'm actually gonna use, so i just took one which matches, i have another one which is cheaper

okay where you live then? cause i dont live in Us too :) im living in Europe


If you can, go with the 7970.


Nah, but seriously. For the most part, if it fits, it'll work..

And nice build! Have fun with it.

I live in Denmark, so Europe as well :P.

Thanks, i will

I would, but don't have THAT much money :P

Okay , i live in Netherlands,  nearby german border, plenty of stuff to get  here :)

I went with this build, though you could knock down the RAM to 8GB or the liquid cooling for air cooling and get a 7970 which will improve your gaming and future proof it a bit more, though the 7870xt is basically a 7950. Though with liquid cooling you could overclock a lot more.


You could save a few bucks by getting windows 7 from an "alternate source" if you catch my drift.

Get rid of the 4x4GB ram and get 2x8GB instead, not only will you be able to save like 30 bucks but you can also add more RAM later without having to replace your current ram.

If you won't be needing your current build anymore you can re-use your current hard drive (unless you need the 1TB one). Save yourself 15 bucks and re-use your current optical drive and finally re-use your current PSU if you can.

This could save you enough money in total to get a beefier GPU.

Atm i have a laptop.... So i surely can't reuse my stuff :P

Save you self some money and get a motherboard thats 60$ cheaper and put that money into a better GPU. preferably a 7950 or 7970

But i like all the features on the sabertooth

Also, should i go with the geforce gtx 660 twinfrorz 3 edition, or Radeon hd 7870? i'm not sure which one is the best to grab.