Would this damage a CPU?

A couple weeks ago I put together a build for a friend. 

FX 8320

ASUS m5a97 le

gtx 770

600cx watt corsair 

It did boot after having trouble with the America Mastertrend splash appearing saying that there was a usb device over load. So I unplugged some things and it worked. We booted into windows and installed some drivers. Everything seemed ok. We have to restart for the drivers to finish and it wouldn't turn on again. I took it out of the case and everything seemed normal. We tried over and over again to get the pc to boot but nothing. Then I smelt something burning, so we stopped and found out that it was coming from the 4 pin cpu connector. My question is: is the cpu damaged from this. He has a new board coming tomorrow that will support the 8320 (ASUS M5A99X). I am 100% positive that there were no sparks coming from the cpu and the direct source of the smell of burning plastic was from the cpu header. Also why did the computer turn on in the first place if the board was a 970? Was it just luck? 

The MB worked for a little while because the CPU hadn't reached the failure threshold of the components. Basically, things were just getting warmed up, and once they got too warm, the motherboard tapped out.

As for the CPU, it may or may not be damaged. The only way to find out is to try the CPU in the new MB.


That's what I thought, thanks for the answer. I hope it still works.

Try it in new mobo and see.

That board is really not designed for the CPU. The LE version in particular. 

It worked thanks guys