Would this be good for gaming?

I found a pc for 428$ i was wondering if it was worth it to upgrade the graphics card  and if it could play Skyrim on Mid graphics with 30-60 FPS specs                                                                                                  

Intel Core I5 2320 3.00Ghz

8GB Ram


Intel HD 2000 Graphics

Windows 7 Home Premuim 64 Bit

Upgrade grade the Graphics card to GeForce GTX 550 and would i need a bigger PSU it's 300 Watt's i was thinking 500 atleast?

The 30-60 FPS After the upgrade and what about before the upgrade?

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With Intel HD 2000 graphics, no. With a 550, no. Try going atleast 560Ti or 660. I would recommend a 500 - 650W PSU if you're going to get one of these.

It also depends on the games that you want to play of course.

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500 Watt PSU a 560 how good could i play Arma 2?

I would go for the 560Ti and a 550W-600W PSU. If I look at the benchmarks, it should be able to run Arma 2 at decent framerates.


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