Would the Amer AMR1S Stand be a good stand?

I have been looking for VESA mount monitor that can give a similar experience that the Dell business monitors can provide.

That monitor that I am going to use the stand on is the Asus VH238H Black 23" Monitor:

There is one product that is very interesting:

There is one review on amazon that says it is good:

The stand is compatible with the mount (100x100 VESA mount), and the monitor weights less than the maximum supported weight for the stand ([Stand supported weight] 17.5 lbs > [Monitor weight] 9.48 lbs).

Has anyone used this stand before? Was it good or bad? Anyone know any stand that is better? Keep in mind that I want to stick with a stand only (for a single monitor) because anything else would be overkill for what I need plus my desk is at a corner, so I don't have a lot of room.

Edit: Here is a slideshow of the monitor

It's just a monitor stand, it looks fine. lol

I just want to gather input before I buy one. So I don't make a silly mistake and buy a monitor stand that is bad. But yeah, I'll think I will go for it.