Would Logan & Pistol make a video about Nexus Mod Manager?

So, I've got quite a dilemma. I REALLY want to mod New Vegas, Fallout 3 and Skyrim. But here's where my issue lies.. the nexus mod manager is supposed to be a cakewalk to use, and I won't lie to you, I've had nothing but problems so far. I can't get but a few mods to work. I'm not an idiot and I know that I could manually install many of them, but then I would lose the functionality and purpose of having a "Mod manager"
If we could get together in mumble or some type of VoIP or something to chat privately to use your expertise to help smooth out my problems that I'm having. Or if you could make a very in depth video pretty much starting from square one with the newest version of NMM about how to get this shit to work. If you'd be so kind to respond I can actually go into more depth as to what exactly is happening on my end. My problems have stumped everyone I've asked for help so far. so far. :(

I've been toying with this for days to no avail and I'm beyond frustrated, please come to my rescue!

Gophersvideos is also a good channel to look at for Skyrim Nexus mods.

Have you tried using BOSS or just made sure that there aren't any mod conflicts?

This is the video I used to learn NMM  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClqtmSUsFhg


Make sure you download and run BOSS, seriously sometimes the load order can mess everything up if its wrong. I've been there it sucks, but boss fixed my issues. 

I used that same video guys. Followed it step by step, but it's a little out dated now. He's using an older version so I don't think exactly everything he says is correct. While it's a good place to start, it's not cohesive enough, that or I'm having conflicts.

Now here comes the fun part, yes I have used BOSS, do I think it's working correctly? No, unless I do not understand how to use it correctly.

All of my mods are downloaded to the same file path, yet when I run BOSS, it only finds a handful of a mods, usually just NVSE, 3d camera angle mod, and one other. It will not find the esm/esp's for any textures, or gameplay change mods.


Also, What all I'm currently doing is for New Vegas