Would like some help & suggestions

I'm thinking of building my 1st gaming pc due to the fact that I'm not able to play my xbone since the support team can't figure out what is wrong with my gamertag for the past 2 month's now. Now getting to the point, I would like to build a pc for just underneath $500. I've got a list of part's I've chosen on pcpartpicker that I would like to share. I've added all the part's into the cart over at Newegg.com. The only thing is that the price totals up to $540, defeating the purpose of the $500 limit. If anyone could help me out, It would be greatly appreciated. If not, I guess I'' have to sell my xbone or something xD. Here is the list of part's I've chosen and thank you for taking your time to look through it if anyone does.



Hi, just had a skim through your parts. They will definitely make a suitable start point pc that will have further upgrade-ability in the future. Things to remember is to make sure all the parts are compatible together, ive seen someone make the mistake before and its not good.

As expected this rig will run well but will not max out games (well, at acceptable fps).

Also dont forget the other peripheral items such as mice, keyboard, monitor ect.  

As for the pricing, the only thing i can say id to try and pick up parts in a sale, prices do fluctuate a lot so bare that in mind too. One recommendation I would have is to try and pick up a FTW version of the 750 if possible, its not too much more and the performance boost is worth it.


Anyway I hoped this helped and good luck!