Would like some help deciding

Hey was just wondering if you guys could give me your opion on what get in my new pc.

Was planning on building a Mini-itx using the bitfenix prodigy or a similar case

I want to achieve around 60 fps on most games (mainly bf3, skyrim, metro 2033 and Arma 3)

My budget for this build is roughly $2000 (I live in Australia so if you could take that into account)

Wasn't looking to have any frills like case lighting because it isn't really necessary for the case I've been looking at

Any help you guys can offer would be great. (I already have a monitor and other accessories so they dont need to be included)


Not sure if the cooler will fit, I'm not all that familiar with itx cases.


hey thanks a lot dude I was actually doing something really similar so if you could give me your opinion on it that would be greath thanks again

Alright. I spent a little bit of time putting together this part-list. I've also taken in the fact that you live in Australia, So I did it off pccasegear.com, an Australian website.

Total: $2,011 (what you wanted +$11. :D)


This build will max out any game you throw at it.

Dude you are a legend thanks so much, and I dont mind the $11 I'll just have to search my couch ;)

Do you really need that Ram and CPU?

You could easily save ~300$ getting 3570k and 1600mhz Ram which are 100% same performance in games. (Same cpu, 3770k has extra threads)

Ideally you want 1.35V ram for ivy Bridge as it won't put any strain on your memory controller (Which is the reason some MoBos die suddenly). Also lower timing impact more on performance than higher frequency.

In games the extra threads provided by 3770k will just sit idle as they are not optimised to work. Also it will run hotter.

You're right about the gaming part, but if he has the $2000 to spend and wants to do some editing and rendering at any point, they will be well worth it.