Would like input finishing my first build

Let me ust say that my i7 3770k is completely out of this world, cutting games and renderring times like butter. If you have the money, go for the Ivy Bridge i7, unless you are determined to get the absolute best performance, the i7 Sandy Bridge Enthusiast processors are not worth it, and frankly, not that much better performance visibly, only a theoretical performance increase. the 670 is a great card, and if you can afford the 4GB model, that will perform equally as well as a 680 2GB. However, the 680 4GB is second only to a 690 or 7990, in my opinion. If you want to keep your computer competing with modern games for longer, go with the 670 or 680, and the 4GB editions. I agree with having 2x8Gb sticks, as well. The G.SKILL Trident X is very good memory at a reasonable price, and insane speed. I am running 2x8GB sticks of DDR3 G.SKILL Trident X @ 2400mHz, and it just rapes games. Hope I helped!


-Brennan Riddell

well iv what you guys have been writting and i mostlly agree, about the ram thing go for the fastest ivy supports not 1600mhz and yeah a 2x8gig is a good idea for all the reasons mentioned above, also jhon c im gonna go against you on this one dude about the 2600k but your points are valid, but purely because yeah you pay a bit more for the 3770k initially but you will save money on electric in the long run just cause its a more power efficient cpu 77w vs 95w and the higher clock ram support thing. about the case thing function over asthetics every time for me personnaly could'nt care less what it looks like if it does what i want.

I'm pretty sure the mobo I bought only supports 1600MHz ram.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  When I bought it everyone was telling me faster ram was a negligable performance boost at a high price.  Either way, I have what I have and I'm sticking with it at least for now.  Thanks for the ideas though, my OP did invite people to offer suggestions I hadn't thought of yet.

As for the monitor, I have a single 1080p monitor for now, but I do plan in buying a second one within the next year or so.  If high res monitors come down in price by then, I will probably pick one up, but if not, 1080p should work for me.

I'm really leaning heavily towards the 3770k and a 670 with no SSD for now as that will save a little in the short run (as opposed to 3770k, 660ti, and SSD) and leave an easy upgrade in the long run.  Obviously I don't have the money yet, but would my 720W PSU support two 670s in SLI? Just thinking future upgrades.

The PNY 670 that TallGeese suggested is also interesting, but would it really be much better than a factory overclocked 660ti?  It looks like it has a reference cooler on it, which shouldn't allow me to add much of an overclock either.

Also, the 2600k is still heavily on my radar as it would save me $40 over the 3770k, but I am trying to skip Haswell and Broadwell, so I'm trying to get the best 1155 I can for now.  Also, wanting to keep my options for SLI open, the 77W is more appealing to me than the 95W.

a stock 670 will be better than a factory oc 660ti for the reasons i explained to commissar like i said its the cards bus width to cuda core ratio get the specs up on the nvida site for the 660, 660ti, and 670 then you will see what i mean. as for 3770k if you plan on skipping haswell and broadwell its a case of an extra $40 for 3-4 years of savings on your electric (witch prices are always going up), which in my opinion the benefit out ways the cost significantly. and your psu will have more head room when you come to sli your cards, and yea your psu is more than enough 

oh yeah also the ram thing is motherboard dependent, as long as your board supports it your good to go, usually the mid to high end z77 supports the 2600 oc ram

ah just looked into your board and partpicker have'nt exactly told the whole truth about your board it can take faster ram http://uk.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4441#sp

Wow, thanks Thanos.  I feel stupid now.  Probably even says that on the box. It doesn't give specific numbers past 1600, (ie: 1866, 2133) but does that mean it can take anything in between 1600 and 2800? And does the (OC) mean it can overclock past 2800? Or overclock up to 2800?

I am going to stick with the ram I have for now, but ram will probably be my soonest upgrade and its good to know I can get faster ram without having to upgrade my mobo.

nah your not stupid mate, only stupid people dont bother to query what they are unsure of. unfortunately up to 2800mhz is the limit whether its oc'd or pre-clocked, faster would be nice but the tech isnt in place yet.