Would like input finishing my first build


^this is what I have already ordered.  I have done my research, so I'm not just asking for someone to tell me what to get, but I want some input.  I have about 850 to spend on the rest, and want to maximize this PC for my purposes.  The main purpose of this rig will be gaming, but also graphic design, digital painting, some video editing, (all Adobe) and want to keep my options open for streaming or gameplay capture.  Parts I'm thinking about are:

3570k, 3770k, 2600k, 2700k, 660, 660ti, 670, 120ish GB SSD

and I still have to get windows, so you can scratch about $90 out of my budget for that.  Obviously  some combinations will go over budget, and some will go under.  It's not necissarily a bad thing to go under budget as my wife will probably love me more if I do, but this is what I have set aside for my build.

Other questions I have are: Since I have a Z77 board should I only be looking at Ivy Bridge and not Sandy? Do i7 CPUs have an actual frames per second advantage over i5 CPUs? Would an i5 cripple me if I ever wanted to stream at a decent quality? Is the MSi 660ti Power Edition really worth the nearly $40 premium over the other factory overclocked offerings from other manufacturers?  I have heard some say the 660ti pe is every bit as good as the 670 pe, but I have not found benchmarks to support those claims.  The 670 power edition seems to be pretty competitively priced with other 670's, would it be a good bet if I went 670?

I realize this is a crapton of questions, feel free to answer any or all of them, or just write what combo you would pick.  Also feel free to make my decision harder by throwing other parts into the mix.

As of this second, I'm thinking of going 3770k, 660ti and 120 GB SSD, but my mind changes by the minute.

perosnaly i feel the 660ti is a minor upgrade with a major price leap, as you only get more cuda cores witch is strangled by the bus width a littile and in a few cases wont even out perform the 660 so yeah 670 is a better choice. also only go sandy if your getting a six core i7 or you want a cpu you can oc within an inch of its life otherwise 1155 is fine, the frame gain from an i5 to an i7 in gamming is minor but for streaming and edititng and all that jazz the i7 is a boss compared to the i5. also if you can afford it go for a pci. e x4 ssd instead of a sata drive. as the read writes are just out of this world lol. and at 120 gb its not to much more

Would it be worth it to skip out on the ssd for now so I can get both the 3770k and 670?

yeah you could do that, then you could use your HD as a storage drive once you finnaly go to ssd

  This is a simple thing but I feel it is an important item to add. Using the HAF 912 case I would add the 200mm fan to the top of your case. The 200mm fans are all but silent but move a lot of air because of their size. The other thing I would do is double your RAM. Windows Home Edition can handle 16 GB of RAM and it sure is nice to have when doing multiple tasks. As always, just my opinion and which ever way you go, enjoy your build.

I actually do have a 200mm fan already, was planning on installing it on the front intake, and moving the stock 120mm intake to the top exhaust.  Do you think it would be better to run the 200mm on the top exhaust and leave the stock 120mm in the front?

Also, I agree with you about the ram, but I'm gonna start with 8 for now and add another 8 later as it would be a cheap easy upgrade.

660Ti Power Edition isn't worth shit anymore.  They pulled the old ones off the shelves that had the ability to overclock to 670 speeds because nvidia threatened to pull their warranty support from MSI if they didn't.  Just go with a 670.

Kind of sad that you went with a CM HAF case but to each their own.

I'd probably go 3770k and pick up an Asus PA248Q monitor.  Precalibrated IPS 1920x1200 monitor.  Perfect for graphic design.  Switch the ram to any 2x8GB 1600+Mhz 1.5v combo.  Sucks that doesn't leave much room for a good video card for the $850... maybe a radeon 7850 for now?  You could sell it when you can afford a geforce 670.


"strangled by the bus width a littile"

what are you smoking? pcie2.0 x16 bus width is not going to be filled by cuda on a 660ti, let alone 3.0.

"go for a pci. e x4 ssd instead of a sata drive. as the read writes are just out of this world lol. and at 120 gb its not to much more?"

... there is only one on newegg under a grand.

Ill throw some more confusion into the mix, i vote for a 2600k vs all the others. It is $40 cheaper then the 3770k, it OC like a champ and here i found results of how it does in Adobe after effects agaisn't the 3770k: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Core-i7-3770K-vs-AMD-FX-8150-and-Core-i7-2600K-CPU-Review/1537/7 The results say the 3770k is 4% faster then the 2600k,  4% for $40 average price increase, that does not sit well with me.

Here is how the 3770k does agaisn't the 2600k in photoshop : http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Core-i7-3770K-vs-AMD-FX-8150-and-Core-i7-2600K-CPU-Review/1537/6 7% difference.

Is a modular power supply a requirement for your system? We can save you quite a good bit by getting you a non modular power supply and also by shrinking your current one down. 700watt power supply is quite a bit over kill for your system, if you are not planning on going SLI a quality 550w will do you right for a long time and save you a good bit of money for you to put towards a GTX670.

thing is, ivy get you pcie3.0, which might help with cuda

A good point but the pcie 2.0 has not even been maxed out yet, the difference between 2.0 and 3.0 in gaming in non existent. Is it an issue in video editing, is there some limitation on 2.0 that limits the cuda cores?

I already own that power supply.  I know its a bit overkill, but I wanted some headroom for adding hard drives, overclocking and SLI.  Also, good God, it did not cost $120 when I bought it.  Must have been on sale because I got it for $90.


800 bucks. Has everything you want. Pny is a very good manufacturer. Not the best cooler, but to save 40-60 bucks totally worth it for the extra performance from a 660ti.

@Jeffrly- I disagree with a lot of what you are saying.  I do sort of wish I had bought a prettier case than the HAF 912, but it has room for 2x200mm fans and plenty of space for routing cables behind everything.  For $50 I won't complain. 

Why would I want to switch out the ram for 2 sticks of 8, when I can just buy 2 more sticks of 4 and have the same amount of ram spread out accross 4 DIMMs?  And why would you reccomend an AMD card for someone working with Adobe programs?

Why 2x8gb instead of 4x4gb?  You're editing video and it's very easy to max out 16gb if you're doing anything even Youtube production level in aftereffects/premiere.

4x4gb means your maximum then becomes 16gb.  That means you can't add anymore ram when you need more without removing some ram first.  Also, ram is dirt cheap and 2x8GB costs exactly the same as 4x4GB more often than not when things are on sale.  I suggested it as a way to future proof, if you disagree then that's fine.

Why did I suggest an AMD card?  I seem to remember recommending a 670 as the end-game card and the AMD card as a bridge.  It's ok though, English is not a very easy language to read if you don't understand it.

If you wish you bought a prettier case then you agree with my disdain at the HAF series cases but I didn't even bother suggesting a new case because it's so subjective and not worth my time.

Less ram sticks is always better, 2x8gb sticks will leave you with two empty ram slots for further expansion without throwing away ram. When you have all 4 ram slots packed, the heat coming off that ram is quite a surprise.

Pros of 2x8gb sticks: Less heat build up, upgrade potential(2 empty ram slots), money saved in the long haul.

Cons: Not as appealing to the eyes, maybe it costs a bit more.

Well. If he buys a 2x8GB kit, then plans on going to get more he has to also upgrade windows. Not worth the cost really then for some I'm guessing minor editing (as in hobby or here and there editing). And 16GB is more then enough for most people rendering and editing. Waiting a bit longer but saving a few hundred dollars for the average consumer is completely worth it.

Bridging cards is pointless, buy the best card for your possible situation now because its worth almost nothing tomorrow. No need to be rude.

HAF cases are very good cases for the price. They may have lots of plastic but they also come with lots of fans stock usually, get really good airflow and have very competitive price points. They are definetly function over fashion cases.

Suggestions are by no means demands, if the OP didn't want suggestings, then he shouldn't post asking for them.

I just don't like the HAF asthetics.  I think they're tacky but as I said before: subjective.  You may think they look fucking amazing.  I don't think they are but I can accept the fact that you do.  Even the OP shares the same feeling about the asthetics.  Too bad for $50 you can't really find a more functional case.  Hence there's actual value in buying the case, despite its visual shortcomings.  I'd probably never buy a HAF case but I most certainly won't ever stop anyone from buying it just because of my own bias unless I was asked to suggest a new case.

The reason I even mentioned a radeon 7850 is to adhere to the budget.  If you shove a 660Ti into the foray then you go over.  That isn't even including the OS.


There's my suggested use of money.  The price difference between home and pro x64 is not a few hundred dollars.  It's not even half a hundred dollars.  If you're willing to bend some rules it's even cheaper, free infact but I'm not going to recommend that unless necessary.

There may be some QA issues with the Asus monitors according to internets but I'm 2 for 2 on them for friends and family and I'm going to probably buy 3 to replace my triple Dell 2209wa setup when my budget allows.

If OP doesn't want to spend that much on a monitor then that's fine as well.  If OP doesn't want to buy a 2600k and goes for a i7 3770k, that's fine too.

When did he say he needed a monitor? Did I miss something? Hes already order 90% of his parts, and was just looking for suggestions for a GPU, CPU and SSD I thought. 

It was pretty early in the morning when I said a few hundred dollars, that was off par. Closer to 100 dollars with the expense to move from 8 to 16GB 2 stick kit (30-40 dollars), and pro which is 50 dollars more. Not to mention minus the OS its all paid for already.


@comissar no offence but your misreadding my words im talking about the cards buswidth not the pci.e slot i made that quite clear. the 660ti only has a 192bit bus width same as the 660, unlike the 670 witch has a 256bit bus width which can actually take full advantage of all the cuda cores on board.

also once again but no offence in the uk we have a phrase "your chattin shit mate" heres your nearly one grand pci.e  card 


p.s don't take my words out of context that boils my blood, also do your reasearch